How long does delta 8 THC stay in your system?


Delta 8 THC is the latest trend in the cannabis industry. Being a metabolite of cannabis plants, delta 8 THC is now available across stores, eCommerce websites, and even gas stations.

Users consuming CBD and THC products are now switching to this potent cannabis compound for relaxation, reduced stress, and euphoric high. Moreover, delta 8 THC doesn’t carry the same psychoactive effects associated with delta 9 THC products if consumed in limited doses.

However, being a new entrant, users often wonder about the potency of delta 8 THC products and their effects on the body. Besides, consumers, especially those working in safety-sensitive environments, usually inquire about the duration of delta 8 THC effects on their system.


The following part dwells on the safety of delta 8 THC and the average duration the compound lasts in your system.

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How Long Does Hemp-Derived Delta-8 Stay In Your System?  

Hemp-derived delta-8 THC can stay in your system anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. Once delta 8 THC enters your system, the body breaks it down to release the compounds in the bloodstream.

The blood carries THC throughout the body, delivering the associated effects. Moreover, it is also stored in various organs, including the liver, which breaks it into metabolites.

These metabolites also bind to fat, taking longer for the body to flush them out than other substances, such as alcohol. THC traces can remain for a few days, precisely what testers look for.

Factors Affecting Delta 8 THC Duration in the System 

Potency and Frequency of Use 

Higher-potency delta 8 products will last longer in your system compared to products lower in the compound.

Similarly, you’ll feel the effects of delta-8 much longer if you consume larger doses of the isomer.

For comparison’s sake, 3 mg of delta-8 may last in your body for a couple of hours, while 30 mg may last for up to two weeks.

In addition, considering that delta 8 THC remains in the body for a few days, frequent users may take anywhere from weeks to a month to get rid of THC traces.


Metabolism is a core aspect of body chemistry that determines how long drugs stay in the system.

People with a higher metabolic rate will experience the effects of delta-8 THC sooner.

However, a higher metabolism may also cause delta-8 effects to wear out much faster.


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Consumption Methods 

Bioavailability means absorption rate. The absorption rate of delta-8 THC and other hemp products depends mainly on the delivery method and other factors.

Smoking cannabis flowers, vaping delta-8-based e-juices, and administering delta-8 tinctures have a higher absorption rate than consuming the compound as an edible or topical.

However, a higher absorption rate means that THC levels will quickly fade. In contrast, the body slowly breaks down the compound when ingested; hence, the effects might stay for a longer duration.

Samples Tested 

Delta-8 can be detected in numerous samples, including blood and urine.

Studies indicate that THC can last in your blood for up to a week.

Delta-8 will show up in urine tests even longer, sometimes up to four weeks after use.

Medications and Supplements

Additional supplements and medications can also affect delta 8 THC duration in the body.

The active compounds present in medications can slow or boost the breakdown of THC in the body, affecting the time your body takes to get rid of the compound. It’s ideally recommended to seek professional advice from your healthcare expert if you are currently on any form of prescription medication.

Will Delta-8 THC Show Up On Drug Tests? 

Most drug tests check for delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol through urine, blood, or saliva tests. But that doesn’t mean tests will not detect delta 8 THC. It only means that you may not necessarily fail the test.

It’s also worth noting that THC isomers rarely exist in isolation. Even what’s marketed as pure delta-8 may still contain delta-9 traces high enough to leave traces and make you fail drug tests.

Having said that, the type of drug test performed determines whether or not you will fail.

Urine Test

Urine tests are a common drug and alcohol testing method. However, these tests aren’t advanced enough to differentiate between delta 9 and delta 8 THC.

Considering that both compounds produce the same metabolite (THC-COOH) after breaking down, you are more likely to test positive for THC in a urine test.

Besides, urine tests can detect THC traces ranging from a few days to a month. Hence, for infrequent users, the test can show positive for 1-3 days, while for frequent users, the test can show a positive result for up to 21 since last use.

Remeber that you are more likely to fail a urine test if the THC content is higher than 50ng/ml.

Hair Follicle Test

A hair follicle test can detect THC traces in your hair for over 90 days. Testers then measure the THC metabolites in the hair shaft while eliminating any external contamination. It takes the most recent hairs, 1.5 inches in length, for testing. A shorter hair length will shorten the detection window.

However, this test is more reliable for frequent, heavy delta 8 THC users. Users with limited use are more likely to pass this test.

Blood Sample Test

A blood sample test can detect THC for 12-24 hours since last use. However, this detection window can go up to 7 days for heavy delta 8 THC users.

Blood sample tests are often invasive and complex to carry out, so they are typically used in investigating road accidents or workplace injuries.

Saliva Test

Tests can detect THC in the saliva. However, similar to blood testing, saliva tests can only detect parent THC and not its metabolites. For this reason, these test have a shorter detection window for up to 48-72 hours after last use.

How to Flush Delta-8 Out Of Your System Faster 

If you’re about to undergo drug tests, it’s natural to be worried about testing positive for delta-8 or the same THC metabolites that can break down into urine and saliva.

Fortunately, there are several ways to flush out delta-8 and cannabis before the upcoming drug test in general from your system much faster.

Stay Hydrated

Water is perhaps the easiest way to get rid of THC traces from the body, so drink water as if your life depends on it.

Drinking water frequently results in consistent urination, flushing out delta 8 THC and metabolites out of the body. Moreover, water can dilute the remaining THC content in the body.

If you are not a big fan of water, consider other detox drinks, such as fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or natural cranberry drink. These beverages are an excellent natural detoxifying solution available at cost-effective prices. Stay hydrated while getting rid of this psychoactive substance.


Raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains, are an excellent detoxification solution. Moreover, food rich in fibers and proteins, such as whole grains, will help flush out THC from the body through urination and defecation.

Ideally, you should prioritize foods low in carbohydrates, fats, and sugars for faster removal of THC from the system.

Incorporating avocados, blueberries, almonds, pine nuts, hemp seeds, and sweet potatoes is best for delta 8 THC removal.

Get Quality Sleep

As we prioritize factors to get rid of THC toxins, nothing beats sleep. Sleep is vital to reset your body and return to balance. In addition, it can improve the body’s metabolism, helping you remove THC traces.

Ensure a good night’s sleep for proper rest and recovery during the cleansing phase.


Sweating can help you get rid of THC metabolites from the system. And, there isn’t the best way to sweat as exercise. Regular exercises can boost metabolism, break down THC fast, and flush toxins quickly.

Besides, exercises are a great way to stay active and have numerous other health benefits.


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So, Are Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC Products Legal and Safe?  

Is Delta 8 THC Legal? 

Yes. Delta 8 THC is a federally legal form of a psychoactive substance derived from the cannabis Sativa plant.

Delta 8 THC is legal due to a loophole in the 2018 Farm Bill. As per the Controlled Substances Act, hemp-derived products containing 0.3% THC content are legal at the federal level. This means that delta 8 THC is federally legal, as it is derived from hemp plants.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?  

Delta 8 THC derived from hemp plants is relatively safer than delta-9 and offers numerous medical benefits. However, delta-8 can still last in your system for weeks and cause severe adverse reactions if overdosed. That underscores the need to consume this isomer (or any other cannabis product) in moderation.

Delta-8 produces less intense effects than delta-9 THC. That makes it potentially safer with health benefits.

However, the ultimate safety of delta-8 THC depends on several factors.

Extraction From Cannabis Plants  

Like all cannabinoids, delta-8 may be extracted from different cannabis variants.

The cannabis plant is a broad genus that comprises several species, strains, and cultivars. Marijuana and hemp are the two most popular cannabis variants.

While “marijuana” is often used interchangeably with “cannabis,” the term can also imply cannabis variants considerably high in delta-9 THC.

Hemp cultivars are lower in delta-9 THC but higher in CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds.

Interestingly, much of the naturally-extracted delta-8 comes from hemp. And since hemp is low in delta-9 THC, hemp-derived products are safer than products derived from marijuana.

However, it’s worth noting that delta-8 exists naturally in the cannabis plant in trace amounts. Therefore, most cannabis products formulated with this isomer usually contain synthetic delta-8.

As you may already know, artificial products tend to be laced with impurities. So, it’s best to read the ingredient list carefully to ascertain that the compound is free from any chemical additives that could make it potentially toxic.

Seller’s Reputation 

The cannabis industry is heavily regulated worldwide. But that doesn’t make the marijuana market immune from unscrupulous dealers.

One way to hone in on safe delta-8 goods is to source your products from reputable suppliers.

For starters, inquire about how their THC was obtained. While cannabinoids can be extracted from cannabis plants by various means, experts recommend extraction methods that utilize carbon dioxide gas (CO2) as the primary reagent.

Delta-8 THC obtained using the Carbon Dioxide Extraction method will likely contain fewer impurities than that extracted using other solvents like butane and ethanol. That consequently makes it safer and more potent.

Secondly, ask for proof of lab testing. All cannabis products must undergo rigorous testing to be deemed safe for consumption.

Note that the testing should be conducted by independent laboratories and not those affiliated with the supplier. Most reputable delta-8 dealers will readily publish marijuana testing reports on their websites.

Lastly, check for public reviews. Reputable delta-8 suppliers will likely have a higher ratio of positive to negative feedback from some of their past clients.

Amount Consumed and Delivery Method 

The quantity consumed determines the safety of legal hemp products. That includes delta-8 THC and CBD products, including CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD.

Delta-8 may produce mellower effects than the stronger delta-9. But that only applies where the quantities consumed are relatively smaller.

Overdosing on delta-8 will may deliver unwanted psychoactive effects and dry mouth.

Besides the serving amounts, the mode of administration may also determine delta-8’s safety. Most legal hemp and CBD products formulated for oral administration, such as gummies and tinctures, are safer than inhalable like e-juices and dried flowers.

So, it doesn’t matter if you moderate your intake of delta-8 THC. How you consume the compound may also affect its safety ratings.


Delta 8 THC derived from any hemp plant is an excellent alternative to CBD and marijuana. This compound offers all the benefits associated with hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids like delta 9 THC.

However, ensure to conduct your own research on delta 8 cannabinoid content and its euphoric effects. This will enable you to reap the maximum benefits of cannabinoids. Furthermore, identify your legal age to avoid getting into trouble.