Sour Ring – Watermelon 1500mg (D8)


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Feeling like you can't decide on a favorite flavor Try our wonderful Watermelon Sour Belt for a tasty bite of sour ribbons that will transport you into another world of relaxation and wellness.? There... read more
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Feeling like you can’t decide on a favorite flavor Try our wonderful Watermelon Sour Belt for a tasty bite of sour ribbons that will transport you into another world of relaxation and wellness.? There are 15 rings total, each ring is dosed perfectly with 100 mgs of Delta-8 THC.

What Is Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 THC is extracted from organic hemp that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. It has noticeable similarities to weed, delivering recognizable and enjoyable effects at a lower cost. It differs in subtle ways, however. It gives a milder, cleaner high than D-9 THC. Perfect for people that want a middle-ground between CBD and Delta-9.

In general, we prefer delta 8 THC over other THC isomers, noting its relaxed and chilled-out nature, as well as the fact that it naturally occurs in the cannabis plant.

Warning:?Use Responsibly. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product.

Treat your sweet tooth with Astro Eight D8 Watermelon Sour Rings

Delta 8 THC gives you the edge, but even better when you can enjoy it in the form of a sweet treat! That’s exactly what you get with these delicious watermelon sour rings.

These Delta 8 edibles contain Delta 8 cannabinoids and are delicious fruit snacks. Natural cannabinoids promote homeostasis as CBD does; they give you more bang for your buck.

Why choose Astro Eight for Delta 8 edibles

We pledge to offer potent products that are free of harmful ingredients. Our edibles only contain the highest quality ingredients in the industry. Taste the difference.


The best Delta 8 products are made by converting CBD to Delta 8. We source the highest quality hemp-derived CBD through CO2 extraction methods, which are the safest method for obtaining CBD since no harmful solvents are left behind.

The process of isomerization allows us to convert CBD into delta 8 THC safely and efficiently. We derive all of our extracts from organic hemp grown in the U.S.

Quality Ingredients

The ingredients for Delta 8 gummies should be relatively simple. Preservatives and additives can negatively affect your health. Each product is made with natural and organic ingredients, ideally non-GMO. With our experience in the cannabis industry, we have been able to implement innovative extraction methods while still maintaining the high ethical standards you should expect from this industry.

Certificate Of Analysis

Delta 8 products must undergo third-party testing to determine their cannabinoid content and the label’s accuracy. We are committed to the quality and transparency of our products. A certified independent laboratory tests each batch.

How can I benefit from Delta 8 Watermelon Sour Rings

While we cannot make any claims that D8 will cure any illness, the health benefits of this cannabinoid are promising. In our opinion, it is the ideal combination of the calming and balancing properties of CBD and the cerebral effects of Delta 9.
Besides their convenience, ease of use, and simple dosing, delta 8 THC gummies are popular for several reasons:


CBD may have a bitter taste to some consumers, and some may find it unpleasant. You can enjoy fruity flavors that taste like juice or candy with edibles. And with Astroeight Delta 8 watermelon sour ring’s dye-free ingredients, you can remain guilt-free eating these yummy treats.


For convenient on-the-go relaxation and tranquility, you can take Delta 8 edibles wherever you go for hassle-free transport, unlike other CBD products.

The dosage amounts for Delta 8 THC watermelon sour rings are also consistent, making it simple to keep track. You do not need to measure the dosage every time you use Delta 8, unlike other products. All you need to do is have one (or two) sour belts in your mouth!


It won’t be obvious that you are consuming Delta 8 THC gummies because they look like any other candy. Given the many incorrect stereotypes surrounding cannabis products, some may feel hesitant or embarrassed to consume Delta 8 in public. Whether you take Delta 8 on the bus, at work, or in line for lunch, you’ll be disguised as a candy-eater.


Your body reacts differently to Delta 8, depending on how you consume it. The Delta 8 watermelon sour rings have a long latency period because the cannabinoids need to be metabolized in the body before they become active. Hence, it takes longer for Delta 8 to begin working. Although, this will also increase the duration of the effects. The longer Delta 8 takes to work, the longer its effects last.


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Sour Ring - Watermelon 1500mg (D8)