Are HHC Carts Safe?

Recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of vaping as a way to consume CBD or THC.  While the sample-size isn’t very long, consuming CBD/THC via vape cartridge seems to be relatively safe.

But are HHC carts safe?  The safety of vaping HHC cannabinoids is complex since the product is still relatively new. Since the legalization of hemp for recreational use in five US states and many more for medical purposes, more and more people are looking for a safer alternative to consuming cannabinoid products.

So in this article will explore the dos and don’ts of vaping HHC cannabinoids and determine if these vape pens are genuinely safe.

What Is HHC?

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Many wonder, “What exactly is HHC, and is HHC safe?”

The cannabinoid hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is naturally present in hemp in trace amounts. Only a few milligrams of the compound can be found naturally in industrial hemp plants. HHC cannot be extracted in sufficient quantities for usage in products.

Hence it has been typically produced in a laboratory since 1944. As a result, HHC is classified as semi-synthetic. In other words, Although it can be found naturally in hemp, it must be synthesized to make enough of it for industrial use. Compared to Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC, HHC is a close relative. It possesses intoxicating effects and many of the same advantages as the other cannabinoids.

The process of producing HHC is known as hydrogenation. This hydrogenation method is also used to make margarine from vegetable oil. To stabilize the chemical structure, hydrogen atoms are added. HHC is a derivative of Delta-9 THC.

To create HHC, scientists utilize high pressure and a palladium or nickel-based catalyst to disrupt the double bond structure of Delta-9 THC. The double bond is then replaced with hydrogen atoms. This slight change has a profound effect on the THC molecule.

It becomes significantly more stable and resistant to deterioration and oxidation. This means that, in contrast to Delta-9 THC, HHC does not lose its potency as soon. While THC must be protected from air and UV radiation, HHC can tolerate both and retain its effectiveness for far longer.

What Are HHC Carts?

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The HHC vape cart is a cutting-edge product. These carts are ceramic products created from trusted hemp sources. These carts’ ceramic materials are capable of absorbing high-viscosity cannabis. Choosing the best HHC cart can be difficult because so many are available.

What Does HHC Products Feel Like?


Most people who want to substitute HHC for THC do so to get a similar recreational high. HHC generates a powerful high that lasts about three hours when smoked or vaped. However, if HHC is ingested orally or in a pill, its psychedelic effects can last for at least six hours. In addition to euphoria, HHC stimulates hunger, which could be a therapeutic benefit.

Scientific research on whether HHC could aid in treating pain disorders has proven promising. During the high, HHC’s effects slow down your reactions, makes you less coordinated, and make you forget things quickly. The exhilarating qualities of HHC may also cause anxiety. But these effects don’t last long and go away after a few hours.

Therefore, if you have questioned whether HHC will make you high, the answer is yes!

In this regard, hexahydrocannabinol differs from CBD, and its psychoactive qualities are not insignificant. It has similar effects as diluted THC. The amount and type of HHC you consume determine how strong of a high you will experience.

Since HHC is a synthetic substance, it frequently includes both active and inert components. The active chemicals bind to your endocannabinoid system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. However, the passive ones do nothing. Separating high-potency HCC from lower-potency HCC is still a problem for manufacturers because the process is both costly and time-consuming.

So if you buy it, you’re taking a chance—you might get a great or bad batch. If you find high-potency cannabis, you can anticipate a significant physical and cerebral experience comparable to a mild THC high.

Although the couch-lock effect cannot be ruled out, anecdotal data suggests that it occurs relatively infrequently. Low-potency HHC can have various effects, such as a similar but weaker sensation or nothing [as if you had just taken CBD, CBN, or another minor cannabinoid].

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Vape Carts Vs. Vape Pen Safety

The safety of these products boils down to the manufacturer and their production practices. Therefore, you want to do your due diligence before placing an order.

Are HHC Carts Safe?

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Yes, HHC products made from hemp are safe. The principal constituent in these goods is HHC distillate, which is safe when produced under the proper conditions. Not all HHC distillate, however, is of a good grade. Unfortunately, the HHC market is rife with con artists that cut shortcuts during manufacturing, resulting in potentially dangerous products.

Is HHC Safe?

By reading the accompanying third-party certificate of analysis, you may ensure that an HHC product is safe and legal (COA). If such a report is unavailable, you can infer the producer is up to no good! The best independent testing facilities examine HHC goods for contaminants, including microorganisms, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and leftover solvents. You can presume the product is safe to consume if the lab gives it a clean test result!

Nevertheless, like all consumer products, there are some products that you want to avoid due to specific ingredients. Please continue reading to learn the exact ingredients in some HHC carts that make them unsafe for consumption.

HHC Carts Ingredients That Might Be Unsafe:

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The ingredients in any specific HHC cart firmly depend on the cartridge quality. In low-quality cartridges, you may be exposed to hazardous chemicals and pollutants. The following are some of the dangerous HHC cart ingredients:

Synthetic Cannabinoids

The 2018 Farm Bill declares that synthetic cannabinoids are forbidden. However, the DEA has emphasized that this term refers to cannabinoids derived from “non-cannabis elements.” To put it another way, synthetic cannabinoids are not derived from anything natural. This does not apply to synthetic HHC.

HHC Legal or Not?

Chemists make HHC by mixing CBD-isolate extract from natural industrial hemp with other chemicals. We can undoubtedly state that HHC products are legal and secure based on recent DEA statements. However, given the possibility of fully synthetic cannabinoids created from synthetic elements, you should proceed cautiously and examine the HHC brand before purchasing.

Propylene Glycol

The vaping community also believes that vaporizers may be harmful due to propylene glycol (PG), a frequent component of vape oil. Although FDA-approved for numerous uses and primarily regarded as a safe food ingredient, propylene glycol is believed to release a toxic gas at high temperatures.

There is currently little information to prove or refute the potential dangers of breathing heated propylene glycol, but many manufacturers have already abandoned its use in vaping goods.

Unsafe Carrier Oils and Preservatives

It has been reported that manufacturers employ additives categorized as “natural preservatives,” even though these compounds can potentially render Delta-8 carts hazardous. For example, vitamin E oil is frequently used as a preservative and has been authorized by the FDA as a safe chemical for topical or oral use.

However, studies have indicated that inhaling vitamin E acetate is dangerous, as it may impede lung function. You should also examine any added carrier oils utilized to ensure that they match your requirements. As an example, tree nuts and other plant-based oils could trigger an allergic response in some persons when used by some manufacturers.


How To Safely Use HHC Carts?

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As mentioned, vaping marijuana doesn’t have to be dangerous if you use good products. If you use the following safety tips, you might be able to vape more safely.


Buy Safe Vaporizers

To ensure your vaporizer’s safety, choose cartridges constructed of ceramic or titanium with no loose parts (i.e., one that is quality and robust). Disposable vaporizers vary in quality, and because many are poorly produced, breathing in hot, heavy metal particles with significant toxicity levels is possible.

Start Slow

It’s essential to begin slow if you’re new to HHC carts. Therefore, you want to consume in minute quantities.

Wait For The Peak

After the first draw, you want to wait and assess how the HHC affects your body. Usually, the effects take some time to kick in, so you want to exercise patience for the peak.


Stride Slowly When You Change The brand Too: Just because you’re used to one brand doesn’t mean they’re all the same. So exercise caution when you buy HHC carts from a new brand.


How Can I Find The Safest HHC Carts?

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Choosing the safest HHC carts necessitates delving deep and taking into account elements such as product contents, third-party testing, extraction processes, and hemp sources to ensure the safety of these items.


Also, you’ll need to narrow down your list of the best HHC vape sellers by how easily you can find them online and in your area.


Finally, you might employ the following criteria:



Gaining consumer trust requires being transparent with customers, which is why hemp brands must communicate openly. People are more likely to trust organizations that provide broad descriptions of their activities, production procedures, third-party testing practices, etc.



Another crucial consideration is the potency of your HHC vaporizer, as HHC is around 20-30% less potent than THC. Consequently, your THC tolerance is already relatively high; you may require a higher dose to obtain the desired benefits.

However, the strength of HHC is not the only consideration; some terpenes can enhance the psychedelic potential of THC, making lesser doses more potent than with a product possessing a distinct scent profile.



You may recognize some top brands using THC or CBD vape products. When looking for HHC vapes, you may not be familiar with all the companies you come across. Look for businesses that have already made a name for themselves on the hemp market while looking for the best HHC vape carts; they are more likely to give you a top-notch product.


A pleasurable mode of ingestion, high bioavailability, and rapid onset of effects make HHC vapes an enticing format.

Unfortunately, an excessive number of vape cartridges contain potentially hazardous substances, and these components are reasonably harmless when ingested orally or topically. Still, when heated and inhaled, they can transfer hazardous molecules to your lungs, raising your risk of lung disorders such as lipid pneumonia.


Strain Type 

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains comprise the fundamental classification of cannabis strains. According to specific consumers, Sativa goods are more exciting, while Indica products are more soothing.

While hybrids are supposed to give you the best of both worlds, the ratio of indica to sativa varies from strain to strain. Today’s cannabis strains have been hybridized, making it challenging to determine the effects by looking at just these three labels. Your strain’s terpene profile will determine any effects you experience.



HHC remains a controversial topic within the vaping community. While some claim it works for them and has never resulted in a negative side effect, others are quick to argue that it is nothing more than hype and that there is no evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Both sides of the ‘fence’ have merit, which makes it difficult for potential users to make an informed decision about HHC. The truth about HHC is probably somewhere in-between, but finding out could require you to do some additional digging and research—and knowing where to look can be challenging.