The cannabis industry has tremendously grown in the past few years since the legalization of hemp products at the federal level. This led to an increased demand that prompted suppliers to introduce more powerful cannabinoids such as THC-O. The compound has attracted so much attention from cannabis enthusiasts because of its unique effects. It provides recreational benefits more effectively compared to other naturally occurring cannabinoids.


If you are unfamiliar with THC-O, here’s a guide with everything you need to know about this amazing product.

What is THC-O?

THC-O is also referred to as THC- O acetate. It is a synthetic analog of the THC compound, which means the product is not naturally found in a cannabis plant. It is safely manufactured using high-tech machines through several chemical processes.

First, manufacturers extract cannabidiol from hemp plants with less than 0.3 percent THC levels to make THC-O. Then delta 8 THC concentrate is removed from CBD, after which acetic anhydride compound is added to the final product.

The extraction process eliminates flavonoids and terpenes, leaving a heavy, thick brown liquid with higher potency than THC. Scientists suggest that THC-O is three times more powerful than the delta 9 THC. The final product contains pharmacokinetics found in acetylated molecules, making it more powerful.

In addition, THC- O acetate is biologically inactive in the body until the liver metabolizes it. It also has a high rate of bioavailability than its cousins delta-9 and delta-8, which means higher amounts reach your body. So, you only need to take a small dose of THC-0 to enjoy your desired effects.

What’s The Difference Between THC-O and THC?

One of the main differences between these two compounds is their source and preparation process. THC is a naturally occurring compound in a hemp or marijuana plant, while THC-O is extracted from delta 8 compounds.

THC- O is added to a powerful organic solvent, acetic anhydride, to increase its potency. But unlike THC- O, THC has no extra ingredient except certain flavors to enhance its smell.

THC-O acetate is a prodrug that provides psychoactive effects after it metabolizes. However, THC provides its benefits immediately after consumption.

Finally, THC- O is known to be more powerful, and its effects last longer than those of THC.

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What are the Benefits of THC-O?

Great for Experienced Consumers Since It is More Potent

If you have been taking cannabis products and are yet to achieve the benefits you would like, you should try THC-O products since they provide more robust effects than all the by-products of cannabis. Thanks to its potent chemistry with the synthetic acetate molecules.

Moreover, THC-O  is heavier and psychedelic which can leave you melting on the couch. The experience is quite enjoyable and insightful, especially for experienced cannabis users.

Individuals Will Consume Less THC-O for More Effects

When using THC- O acetate, you will consume a small dosage of this product to get its amazing benefits. This is because THC- O is a fat-soluble compound that passes through a series of filtering processes making sure you receive a small but potent extract.

Is THC-O Safe?

Currently, THC-O acetate is considered safe since there are no reported cases of addiction or overdose caused by this compound. It is safer than other synthetic cannabinoid products such as K2 and spice, which can cause adverse effects to the health of a user.

Mostly the side effects you might get are from using THC- O that you have bought from unreliable THC- O sellers. Low-quality products contain harmful ingredients that could pose serious health risks. And since THC- O acetate is more potent and labeling is critical when purchasing such products.

So, if you want products that are safe to consume, purchase from a reputable company that is honest with its customers. It should verify what the product contains by providing independent third-party lab test results.

In addition, it is crucial to note that the THC-O industry is an unchartered territory since it is still new in the cannabis industry. In fact, the last time the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) encountered this product was in 1978. THC-O acetate did not penetrate the market, and the agency didn’t follow up. It was only mentioned recently, and not much research has been done on this compound.

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THC-O effect

THC-O acetate provides a high psychoactive effect that is more potent than THC. This is why it is referred to as a spiritual cannabinoid that gives an out-of-the-world experience.

You can have a broader way of thinking because it stimulates more profound thoughts that might not have struck before.

Further, Anecdotal reports show that users get mild hallucinations and visuals, which is why THC-O is popularly known as a psychedelic cannabinoid. It also evokes spiritual impacts that enable the user to have inner peace with the environment and the people around.

The above effects are excellent for people searching for self-awareness, deeper understanding, and increased creativity.

Some of the other effects are as follows-

  • Conscious expansion

  • Relaxation feeling

  • A high feeling

  • Strong Buzz

  • Happiness

  • Body and mental rest

When it comes to the health benefits of THC-O, there is little research that proves these effects. More scientific studies are necessary to understand the impact of THC- O acetate on various health conditions.

Since THC-O is a prodrug, it will take more than 30 minutes before you experience its effects. Compared to other cannabis derivatives, which kick in almost immediately after consumption. During that period, don’t attempt to take another dosage to avoid overdosing. The good thing about this product is that its benefits tend to last longer, even with the delayed onset.

The THC-O effects can vary from one user to another due to several factors such as age, weight, tolerance, and the method of consumption. So, don’t compare your experiences with your friends since THC acetate reacts differently depending on the body.

Is THC-O Legal?

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THC-O acetate is legal since it is derived from a hemp plant legalized in the farm bill in 2018. In the United States, some states allow its use while others prohibit its consumption; thus, in simple terms, it is federally legal.

However, considering these products’ potency and chemical structure, the future of THC- O legal status is uncertain since it provides high psychoactive effects contrary to other hemp products.

According to a 1986 Federal Analogue Act, which treats all compounds with a similar molecular structure to a controlled substance as schedule 1 drugs, THC-O should be made federally illegal. But as long as the source is traced back to federally legal hemp, the product is safe.

So, when you decide to purchase THC-O, consider checking the laws governing their possession and consumption in your state. It will help you avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Will THC-O Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Yes, THC-O might show in a drug test like other cannabinoid compounds such as delta-8 and delta-9 THC. This is because this chemical is a synthetic prodrug and THC analogs, having the same chemical structure except for the extra ingredient of acetylated molecules. THC- O acetate is absorbed and excreted, making it detectable on a drug test. However, these claims are purely speculative and have little research to verify such a verdict.

If you are expecting a drug test in the near future, it’s best to avoid taking THC- O products for some time.

Dosage of THC-O?

No scientific studies show the proper dosage of THC-O. However, there are a few factors such as body weight, metabolism, height, and tolerance that you should consider when choosing the proper amount to take.

Considering THC-O acetate is more potent than delta 9 THC, it is best to start with moderate doses and increase it gradually until you get to know what works well for you. This will help you avoid overdosing, which can cause serious health risks. Below is a chart that can guide your consumption dosage.

  • Beginner Dosage : 3 mg to 15 mg per dose

  • Standard dosage: 15 mg to 35 mg per dose

  • Advanced dosage: 35 mg to 75 mg per dose

The guideline applies to THC-O tinctures, vape carts, and gummies, among other products of these compounds.

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THC-O Side-effects

Some users might experience adverse effects caused by using substandard THC-O products. This is why it is crucial to purchase THC-O items from a trustworthy vendor known to deliver premium products and have valid certificates of analysis.

Also, note that taking high doses of THC-O products can cause temporary negative effects. Different people experience varied side effects since bodies react distinctively when exposed to specific compounds.

Here are some of the adverse effects you may experience:

Dry Mouth

It is common for an individual to experience a dry mouth that is short-lived. This is because cannabinoids act on the endocannabinoid receptors in the salivary glands, which control saliva production.


After using THC-O, some users report feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and unbalanced due to the psychoactive effects found in such cannabinoid products.


Using very high doses of THC-O acetate can disorient your senses. You might hear or see things that appear to be real, but they are not.


Consuming THC- O products from untrustworthy vendors can cause intense fear and persistent worry about typical situations in life. Since in most cases, substandard products contain additional ingredients that are harmful to health.

Sedation and Lethargy

The sedation effects of THC O distillate can help you sleep. However, when you take it in high amounts, you lack the energy to undertake any duties.

Nausea and vomiting

THC O users report feeling an intense urge to vomit after using heavy doses of this new cannabinoid product.


Research done on mice shows THC-O products can cause seizures episodes. However, more scientific research on humans is needed to verify this claim.

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Top THC O Products

There are different types of THC-O on the market that differ depending on consumption methods, duration of effect, and onset time. You can use THC-O tinctures, THC-O disposables, or THC-O vape carts. It all depends on your preferences and the results you want to achieve. Here are some THC- O acetate products you can try:

THC O Disposable – Pineapple Express

The legendary disposable pen is a perfect blend of Hawaiian and train wreck with fruity and citrus flavor. It is all-natural, hemp-derived, and provides a smooth and perfect draw to your liking. The pineapple THC-O disposables are ideal for individuals who want an energizing and uplifting product that enables them to become more inventive.

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THC O Disposable – Strawberry Dream

Strawberry dream is a crossbreed of blue dream and strawberry cough. It is a Sativa dominant strain that provides an energetic and euphoric feeling which stimulates creativity. When you vape it, you’ll experience a mix of two flavors- strawberry and berries.

THC O Disposable – Maui Wowie

THC-O Disposable - Maui Wowie - Premium [Delta-8 THC] – Astro Brand

Maui Wowie is an old strain found in Hawaii that is Sativa-dominant. Its flavors range from tropical citrus to sweet taste. It is best used during the day to receive the maximum benefits.

The package is made of ceramic and comes with precharged units known to last longer since they contain 1 gram of THC-O distill.

THC O Cartridge – Watermelon

You should try watermelon THC-O vape carts if you love the sweet and fruity flavor in e-liquids. It will provide you with a unique flavor that will leave your mouth with a candied taste.

THC O Cartridge – OG Kush

OG Kush - Premium [Delta-8 THC] Cartridge - 1g - Astro Eight – Astro Brand

OG Kush is a classy Indica-dominant strain. It has a peppery, citrus, and herbal flavor that will leave you refreshed. It is excellent for sleep, relaxation, and increasing appetite.

Additionally, the cartridge has a unique design made of pure ceramic with a stylish glass tip that matches your fashion sense.

If you are yet to try these premium THC- O products, take a bold step and purchase them from a reputable company. You will not regret the decision since it will enable you to enjoy the psychedelic effects of this amazing compound.


THC-O popularity will continue to grow due to its strong psychoactive effects. So, if you want to achieve the high feeling that you cannot get from other cannabinoid compounds, this is the magic product you should try. However, before using THC-O products, it is crucial to consult your doctor to avoid getting adverse reactions from the drugs you might be using.

Finally, creating THC- O acetate at home is not advisable since the organic solvent acetic anhydride is highly flammable. Its preparation process needs high-tech equipment and special training from professionals.

You can now try the new cannabinoid derivative, THC-O, and enjoy its life-changing benefits with this information.