Proponents of marijuana legalization argue that the herb is not nearly as addictive as stated. They also highlight the increasing number of research that show the potential benefits of marijuana. THC and CBD are the cannabinoids most frequently discussed when it comes to hemp and marijuana.

However, each variety of Cannabis sativa L. has over a hundred more cannabinoids. Further research into a couple of these has revealed intriguing impacts and possible benefits. In recent years, compounds like delta-8 and delta-10 have gained popularity as delta-9-THC alternatives.

Due to the legal ambiguity surrounding these cannabinoids, businesses are willing to take a risk by selling them. This category also includes Hexahydrocannabinol.

Indeed, it is more perplexing because hemp-derived products like HHC are not THC, despite having intoxicating effects. However, HHC can also be derived from THC!

Read on to find out more about how HHC fits into the law.

HHC at a Glance

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In the same decade that Roger Adams discovered and isolated CBD, he synthesized Hexahydrocannabinol. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a hydrogenated form of the cannabinoid (THC).

Adams used a process called “hydrogenation,” which turns THC into HHC by adding hydrogen molecules to the delta-9-THC.

For the record, the same process also helps turn vegetable oil into margarine. Despite being around 70 years ago, there is little study on the impacts of HHC. On the other hand, using hydrogen atoms is proven to extend the shelf life of the molecule significantly.

In addition to the basic Hexahydrocannabinol, there are over ten variants of HHC, including HU211, 7-OH-HHC, and HU243. HHC, unlike THC, lacks double bonds. Instead, it contains two extra hydrogen atoms.

On the other hand, CBN is formed when THC breaks down and obtains more double bonds. THC’s CB1 and CB2 receptor binding affinity changes when the double bonds get broken, and hydrogen atoms are substituted for carbon atoms in HHC.

HHC keeps a more significant proportion of its potency than delta-9-THC. When exposed to ultraviolet light and heat, it becomes substantially more resistant to decomposition.

How are HHC Products Made?

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Adams made Hexahydrocannabinol from THC, but companies that make HHC products use hemp. This is mainly for legal reasons, which you’ll understand in the following section. THC production begins with the extraction of cannabidiol from raw hemp and distilled.

The final product has a powdered consistency and is typically sold as different CBD isolate products. After that, much relies on the maker. Bearly Legal, for instance, describes its HHC production approach as a “secret process” without revealing a great deal.

Even if it’s not legal, you can also make hemp-derived HHC from THC in a lab. Hydrogenating THC entails subjecting concentrated THC to hydrogen gas at high pressure while also using a metal catalyst such as palladium, platinum, or nickel.

After performing its function, the catalyst gets separated from the mixture. A 2007 study described the ability to convert CBD into various HHC forms utilizing gastric juice. However, virtually no additional information is available on this process of producing HHC.

Lastly, there is evidence that HHC production is also possible from terpene citronellol. The legality of HHC is also debatable due to how corporations produce it. Thus, providing the two primary methods for making HHC, which we discuss below-

Through Extraction

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To make a concentrate, the HHC component must be manually extracted from the hemp plant. As you might guess, removing an element that makes up less than 0.1% of a plant’s total composition is laborious and costly, as a tremendous amount of plant material is required to create a reasonable amount of extract.

Through Rearranging Compounds

HHC is an isomer of cannabinol (CBN). This indicates that the molecules within this compound have the same atoms but are structured differently.

To produce delta 8 and other chemicals, companies have devised techniques to rearrange these atoms. This procedure is distinctive because its legality is significantly more “sound.”

By employing molecular chemistry to convert CBN to HHC, manufacturers effectively break the link between CBN and delta 9 THC.

Is HHC Superior to Delta 9 THC?

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Due to a scarcity of research, it is impossible to determine the specific potency of HHC. Even the people who make HHC products admit that they are not the same. The number of inactive HHC molecules to active ones can change from batch to batch.

Despite their best efforts, these manufacturers do not have complete control over the number of active chemicals in a product.

The molecular structure of HHC suggests that it is more potent than delta-8 but less potent than delta-9. Estimations vary, but Hexahydrocannabinol is likely up to 80 percent as intoxicating as D9.

Any THC form containing four or more carbons in the side chain is intoxicating. For example, delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC have five carbons, as does HHC. THCP, the most potent version of THC, contains seven carbon atoms.

HHC has been shown to bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors with a powerful affinity. Due to their significance in bioavailability, HHC products can be a game-changer. They efficiently connect to the body’s cannabinoid receptors, enabling a powerful chemical reaction.

What are the Effects of HHC?

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In the absence of scientific evidence, the claimed benefits and effects of the HHC cannabinoid are primarily anecdotal.

According to those who have used it, the impact of HHC is comparable to those of THC, including euphoria, changed auditory and visual perception, and cognitive alterations.

In terms of relaxation, the effects are identical to those of delta-8-THC. However, other people claim they feel energized, clearing their minds.

Furthermore, there is evidence that cannabinoids, natural and synthetic, inhibit tumor cell growth by influencing important signaling pathways, such as angiogenesis.

In the search for cannabinoid-like cancer treatments, scientists made Hexahydrocannabinol analogs and tested their anti-angiogenic effects.

The results suggest that LYR-7 and LYR-8, two new synthetic Hexahydrocannabinol analogs, stop tumor growth by stopping blood vessel growth caused by VEGF.

Legislation Surrounding the Legality of HHC

Also, because HHC and HHC-containing goods are intoxicating, it makes it logical that many individuals are uncertain whether it is lawful.

The law can become complicated regarding hemp and its several cannabinoids, and some legislators have never heard of Hexahydrocannabinol, let alone created laws. Nonetheless, one might still ask, is HHC legal for minors? Continue reading to find out.

Is HHC Federally Legal?

One of the most popular questions surrounding this cannabinoid remains, is HHC federally legal? Technically speaking, the 2018 Farm Bill made Hexahydrocannabinol a federally-authorized hemp derivative.

For those who don’t know, this legislation established hemp as a legal material, with cannabinoids and other derivatives allowed to be sold as long as no hemp product contains more than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. HHC is technically a federally-authorized cannabinoid because it doesn’t contain either delta-9 or delta-8. In addition, HHC is not comparable to THC.

Is HHC Legal in Every State?

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Hexahydrocannabinol is so new to the market that no state has enacted legislation regarding it. However, certain states have prohibited delta 8 and various other forms of THC.

In case you ask- is HHC legal in Idaho, is HHC legal in Utah, or is HHC legal in Iowa?

Well, HHC isn’t legal in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Where is HHC legal? It is legal in all other states, but this could change if state lawmakers decide it should be classed as a controlled substance. Most states apart from Oregon don’t differentiate for minors, leaving the subject murky at best.

Before consuming HHC, you should always check state legislation, as cannabis laws are susceptible to unexpected change.

Also, you may ask, Is HHC legal in the UK and other countries abroad? Unfortunately, the laws surrounding THC in most European countries and UK prohibit HHC.

How to Use HHC Legally in the USA?

HHC is relatively new to the market, so selecting the best HHC brand can be difficult. When you Google HHC brands, you will likely receive hundreds of results, so how do you cut down the list?

Learn About the Controlled Substances Act

The Controlled Chemicals Act (CSA) categorizes all substances previously subject to federal regulation into one of five schedules. This position is determined by the substance’s medical utility, misuse potential, and safety or dependence liability.

The CSA also includes a method for controlling (adding to or transferring substances between schedules) or decontrolling substances (removed from control). These actions are governed under Section 201 of the Act (21U.S.C. 811).

This is why some pressing questions like is HHC legal in texas, 2021, have a simple answer if you check the rules and regulations at the state and federal levels.

Hemp Source

Knowing where the company obtains its cannabis is crucial. The top companies utilize locally cultivated hemp as opposed to imported varieties.

Extraction Method

The DEA and other organizations are looking for ways to falsely accuse hemp enterprises of producing synthetic HHC since the methods used to generate it could be confused with synthetic methods.

The best hemp firms make their high-potency cannabis extract products using FDA-approved and safe extraction procedures.

Certificate of Analysis

It is advisable that you only purchase hemp products that have been subjected to independent testing. This verifies that the HHC products comprise the specified amount of HHC and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Will HHC Show up on Drug Tests?

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In addition to its long shelf life, HHC users emphasize that a typical 12-panel drug test will not detect it.

Many people find this appealing because other THC alternatives, such as delta 8 and delta 10 THC, will register on urine or blood testing for THC if ingested in sufficient quantities. However, this is yet another unknown.

Naturally, HHC advocates say it does not appear on traditional 5-panel and 10-panel drug testing. It is hypothesized that HHC does not convert into 11-hydroxy-THC metabolites such as delta-8 or delta-10, making it undetected. But this isn’t verified.

The Future of HHC

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The most significant concern with novel cannabinoids, mainly those such as HHC, is the potential for harm that they may cause.

A quick Google search revealed approximately 12 online merchants selling various HHC items. Most vendors provide vape cartridges containing HHC oil, and several also offer edibles.

Disposable HHC vapes and dabbing concentrates are less prevalent but available. At least one company sells “THC flower,” or hemp flower-covered or infused with HHC.

Final Thoughts

HHC has been on the market for less than half a year, but its history is already quite complicated. Ascertain whether HHC is legal in your state and stay abreast with the ever-changing legislation.

Most first-time users seem happy with how HHC makes them feel, and they are likely to buy more online. If HHC stays legal, especially if it gets cheaper to produce at high potency, this exciting cannabinoid will be easier to find in the various cannabis markets.