Delta-8 Cartridge 1mL – Jack Herer


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  • 1mL of Delta-8 derived from pure hemp
  • 3rd-party lab tested for purity
  • Free of additives, preservatives, and metals.
  • Cartridge with all-glass tip
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Jack Herer is a pure Sativa strain that was named after a well-known cannabis activist. It delivers a clean cerebral, creative, and euphoric high. You can expect flavors of lemon, pine, and sweetness.

Lab Results: Delta-8 Cartridge 1mL - Jack Herer

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Astro Eight cartridges are uniquely designed with an all glass tip and pure ceramic heating element to ensure the best taste while turning heads as you inhale with its “bong-like” design.


Named after the longtime cannabis activist and medical marijuana advocate, Jack Herer, this flavor contains herbal, lemon, pine, sweet and woody flavored terpenes with earthy aromas. Reported effects are cerebral, creative, and euphoric— perfect for starting a productive, gainful workday.


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Delta-8 Cartridge 1mL - Jack Herer