Delta-8 Cartridge 1mL – Pineapple Express


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  • 1mL of Delta-8 derived from pure hemp
  • 3rd-party lab tested for purity
  • Free of additives, preservatives, and metals.
  • Cartridge with all-glass tip
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Try our Pineapple Express premium Delta-8 THC 1g disposable cartridge. Pineapple Express is a legendary Sativa-dominant strain that is crossed between Train Wreck, and Hawaiian and comes with sweet, citrus notes.

Lab Results: Delta-8 Cartridge 1mL - Pineapple Express

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Astro Eight cartridges are uniquely designed with an all glass tip and pure ceramic heating element to ensure the best taste while turning heads as you inhale with its “bong-like” design.

This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for jet-fueling creativity, for increasing energy, euphoria, and focus with earthy, pineapple, and tropical- flavored terpenes. Pineapple Express manages to produce mild, energizing, and euphoric effects for increasing focus while decreasing loss of appetite and nausea.


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Delta-8 Cartridge 1mL - Pineapple Express